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Ryo & Coni is a series of stories focused on educating young children good characters. 

By subscribing our story book, your child will receive the new story at the end of each month.  

Our first story book will be released in end of January.  The coming titles are as follows:

January:    I Only Use Kind Words.

​February:  Listening is More Than Hearing.

​March:      You are Important to Me. 

Monthly subscription:    $40 + $10 postage per month

Order 5 months and get a 6th month free

Payment in advance.  You may opt out any time and request for refund of the remaining month. 


Cut-off date for opt out: 10th  (email to to opt out)


Example: We received your opt out notification on 11 March.  March book will still sent as normal.  The subscription termination will be effective from April.

Subscribe 5 months get a 6th month free


    我們目前僅運送至香港,澳門和澳大利亞。 如果你不在這些地區,但有興趣購買我們的產品,請發電郵給我們。

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